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Cell Phone Tips And Advice Straight From The Pros

TIP! Don’t automatically throw your phone away if it was dropped into liquid. Remove the battery and put the phone inside a bowl filled with rice.

There are many things you most likely do not know when it comes to cell phones and you are not alone when it comes to this. So many choices are available that is difficult to figure out what to purchase, where to obtain the best prices and how to obtain the maximum use from your phone. The following tips will help you develop a better understanding of cell phones.

TIP! You do not have to pay charges for calling information. You should try calling 1.

If you choose to call information from your cell phone, know that you don’t need to pay the exorbitant fees that are associated with that. 1-800-411-FREE is a beneficial number to call. After a brief ad, you can receive the information you require.

TIP! The data rate speed on your smartphone will decrease over time. You can extend the functional life of them through updates.

Remember that age will slow down a smartphone. Downloading software updates can prevent a phone from really becoming obsolete. The problem with this is that new phones come out that are a lot more powerful. It does not take long for current updates to be just too much for an older phone to handle.

TIP! Are you working with a cell phone that dies a lot? If it does, you might find that your signal is weak. Weak signals can actually kill a battery.

Smartphone owners tend to be tied to their phones. However, remember to turn it off every now and again. Smartphones are just like computers. You will want it to get restarted once in a while. You’ll find a few shut downs really help.

TIP! Your smartphone will slow down as it gets older. Updates will become more and more difficult.

As your smartphone gets older, it will start to slow down. Therefore after a while, it’s going to get a little more difficult to update the operating system and apps. You wll need to make a decision of what you prefer. You can be stubborn and refuse updates, or upgrade the phone to newer versions.

TIP! Take the time to compare cellphones in brick and mortar stores. Spend a few hours using various models while you test the features they have.

Look at all the stores in your area when you want to get a brand new cell phone. The few hours you spend will be worth it. By doing this, you will probably find the best phone for you, much easier.

TIP! There is no harm in checking out all of your options. You might be used to a certain screen interface, but be open minded to new things.

It’s okay if you are loyal to one model or company, but do keep your eyes open towards others. Though you might feel comfortable with a particular phone style, be open to change. Considering other brands can open your eyes to new functions and uses.

TIP! Do not allow your cell phone to be discharged completely before recharging it. The batteries were not designed to only be charged after they died.

A case isn’t needed for new phones. Today, the cell phones are generally constructed of very durable materials. Although cases can protect what’s there, they can make it harder to use the cell phone. Consider the options that you have and make decisions based on the phone that you have.

TIP! If you’ve got a newer phone, you may not need that expensive case to go with it. A hard material such as Kevlar or a carbon fiber is typically used by smartphone designers when the phone is built.

Remember that the camera on a phone will lack an optical zoom feature. Move closer to the subject if you want a close-up. Alternatively, you can purchase a lens that works with your smart phone for zooming in on pictures.

TIP! If you would like to have the latest cell phone technology, make sure you purchase something new every couple of years. A lot of mobile websites only work properly on the newest cell phones.

Consider purchasing a new phone regularly to stay on top of technology. Lots of mobile websites are designed to work on the latest phones. If you have an out of date phone, you could be missing out on the technology that best runs the newer phones.

TIP! You can play a multitude of fun games on your smartphone. Smartphones are able to utilize a lot of great graphics, so you’re able to play great games on the phone you have.

Break up the monotony of a slow day by playing games on your cell phone. Smartphones have lots of great games available to play. Don’t load your phone with games. It will reduce your memory greatly.

TIP! Make sure you learn about all of the applications your phone comes with. Most phones these days allow you to surf the web and listen to music.

Learn how to use your apps. Many phones now let you surf the Internet and listen to your favorite music. Most also have a calendar function. Understanding how to work these programs will help you to get the most usage for your money.

TIP! Safeguard your cell phone. It can be costly to fix them.

Make sure your phone is protected. The cost of replacement or repair can be high. A screen protector is always the way to go. You might also want a hard case able to keep your phone safe in the event it is dropped.

TIP! Learn how your phone’s calendar function works. You can schedule appointments, meetings, and even your free time with it.

Practice using the calendar system on your cell phone. You will have the ability to schedule your entire day by using it. You can set alerts to remind you of upcoming events. This is a great time saver that can help you remain punctual.

TIP! There are not many phones with adequate zoom lenses, so do not believe them. The normal zoom in cameras isn’t the same as the zoom that cell phone cameras use.

When it comes to zoom lenses for cell phone cameras, do not be misled. Many of the traditional optical zooms in cameras are not the ones used in phones. Cell phones normally employ digital zooming, and it makes the pixels larger but degrades the quality of the images. To get the best from your camera, instead of zooming, move closer if possible.

TIP! Use WiFi for watching videos, rather than the data from your data plan. Videos and movies will quickly diminish your data allotment.

Family plans don’t have to be used by family. Take advantage of the deals they offer. You can sign up with anyone that you like and take advantage of the deal. There is no verification that is done.

TIP! Cell phone plans can be shared among individuals that are not actually in the same family. Often people fail to realize this and end up spending more money than they need to.

If your phone is a recent model, you likely do not need an additional protector for the screen. These days, most phones are already scratch-resistant. An additional screen protector is only going to mean you have more trouble reading the display. Separate screen protectors are also prone to air bubbles and scratches of their own.

TIP! Newer phones really don’t need any additional screen protection. The majority of newer phones include a protective layer that deters smudging and scratching.

When you can, utilize your cell phone’s WiFi capabilities. It lets you use minimum data. Locate a website or an app that can allow you to see where hotspots are in your area. Keep them in mind when you are out and about. A lot of restaurants offer Wi-Fi for free if you’re a patron.

TIP! When buying a cell phone, find one that offers only the options you want. New cell phones provide loads of features, but most people do not use them.

Don’t be ashamed if you don’t know alot about cell phones. Things are always getting bigger and better. This article has hopefully helped you get your feet wet and keep searching online for more great info.

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