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Evolved from a redwing 8173 boots style to a shoe technology

redwing 8173 boots

After the moccasin spread from Indian tribes to modern cities, some design changes have also taken place. After all, city people don’t have such a primitive way of life. However, many important cultural elements have been preserved. Moccasin has been designed by urbanites, and has evolved from a redwing 8173 boots style to a shoe technology, to be precise, it is just a shoe upper technology. The sole is no longer included, because most modern moccasin shoes are blessed with Goodyear technology.

It can be said that the emergence of moccasin has brought great revolutionary influence to the shoe manufacturing process.

For example, in the 1920s, factories began to apply moccasin craftsmanship to outdoor redwing 8173 boots, and Hunter Boots hunting boots also emerged with this wave. Hunting boots, as the name suggests, were originally designed specifically for hunters. However, thanks to the super high practical performance endowed by moccasin technology, it has been unanimously welcomed by many hunting enthusiasts as soon as it came out. Later, it gradually went to the public and was praised by outdoor enthusiasts.

redwing 8173 boots

Especially in the 1960s, with the unrestrained freedom-loving hippies’ love for moccasin, it entered the mainstream culture, and even many Native American cultures became an important influence at that time. At that time, there was a manufacturer called Minnetonka Mini Thangka, and its “Thunderbird Thunderbird” moccasin shoes became the best sellers in the streets and alleys in the 1960s.

There is a saying that Chippewa is the origin of mens enginner boots. In 1937, Chippewa used full leather high boots and Goodyear technology to produce the first pair of Engineer Boots in human history, called “The Original” Chippewa Engineer, with a semi-dress style toe cap, making the boots more suitable for working on flat ground . The full leather insole and outsole, plus a metal toe bracket, became the darling of outdoor workers at that time.

In 1939, the North American heavy boot brand Wesco West Coast Shoe Factory launched Boss Engineer Boots for West Coast shipping workers. At that time, shipyard workers had to face splash welding slag every day. This mens enginner boots could help shipbuilders take off quickly to avoid burns. Later, Wesco even designed it specifically for motorcycle riders, and produced a variety of Boss series. The shoes are full of power and graceful arcs. The Heavy Duty shape is rough and beautiful, super durable and comfortable, and it has become a must for the US Mounted Police and heavy motorcycle enthusiasts. things.

mens enginner boots

Chelsea boots mens (chelsea boots) originated from the boots of equestrian activities in the Victorian era in England. They were once popular because of the legendary band “Beatles” that was popular all over the world. Features: low heel, round toe, no laces, high ankle, the front and back of the shoe are made of different leather materials, and the elastic band on the side is used to tighten the boot shaft.

Chelsea Element A: Elastic Band Elastic band is the biggest sign of chelsea boots mens. As early as Queen Victoria’s time, Chelsea boots were designed with ankle wraps. The purpose of the design at the time was to facilitate riding, and the elastic bands made it easier for people to put on and take off the boots. Chelsea element B: Cuban heels Heels can highlight a person’s identity and status. Chelsea boots were originally used for riding horses, and the earliest records of equestrian heels come from the invading Mongols. According to legend, the Mongolian cavalry wore bright red wooden heels and swept across Europe, leaving their footprints in Europe. Because raising horses has always required the owner to have a certain economic strength, and riding on horseback can directly highlight the state of superiority, so knights and high heels represent the powerful. To this day, people say that a person with a good “heel” means that the person is rich and noble. Chelsea Element C: Pointed toe design Pointed toe, high and thick heel are the original characteristics of Chelsea boots, but with the popularity of gentleman sports and equestrianism, these boots gradually changed from pointed toe to round toe, which is more in line with the aesthetic needs of the city .

By the time of World War II, manufacturers were keeping up with the times and producing lace up boots to supply to the front line. Engineer Boots have been left out in the cold as demand has plummeted. By the 1950s, postwar wool lined leather boots were in high demand. The soldiers who returned from the battlefield were full of energy but had nowhere to vent, and formed various motorcycle clubs. The retro and durable engineer boots undoubtedly became the first choice of the motorcycle party. It’s simple and comfortable to wear, as well as functional, with a no-lace design that won’t interfere with motorcycle axle straps, and a leather shaft that insulates well and protects the lower legs in the event of an accident.

The brand story of Dr. martens also starts with a doctor named “Dr. Klaus Maertens”. To put it simply: Dr. Maertens tried to make a pair of leg injuries during the recovery process because of a leg injury. The boots with air cushion in the sole are very soft, so they are loved by people with leg problems. Later, this design was acquired by a British military enterprise. Since then, the “Dr. martens” brand and the “Air Wair” design have been carried forward, from the military and police circles all the way to the fashion industry. . From the early wool lined leather boots, to the work shoes worn by the military and police, to the must-have trendy products in the fashion industry, the legendary story of the “Dr. martens” brand began.

This type of brown martin boots represented by the “Dr. martens” brand was first accepted and loved by domestic people following the fashion trend, and it was transliterated as “Martens boots”. This is the key point, note: the first definition of “Martin boots” is derived from the transliteration of the brand name “Dr. martens” to refer to this new thing (a certain type of boots of Dr. Martin).

At this stage, it can be said that “Martin boots” refers to the boots of “Dr. martens”

I believe that during this period, brown martin boots were not as well known to the public as they are today, and at the same time, the “Dr. Martens” brand did not protect its transliterated name in the Chinese market. (Dr. martens)” brands have not really entered the Chinese market on their own initiative, and of course the specific details cannot be considered.

The popularity of “Dr. martens” made the popular, so imitators & improvers or similar tooling shoes and outdoor shoes also began to call themselves “Martens boots”, and chukka boots men began to slowly Being generalized, the educational influence of these “Li Gui” on the users of “Martens boots” gradually began to surpass the “Dr.martens” brand. This should be the second time that “Martens boots” have been more widely defined and spread.

The most representative appearance features of “Martin boots”, as well as the strong influence of many followers or peers, make this type of boots with the characteristics of “high boot shaft”, “front lacing”, “thick sole” and “rough and crazy style” become popular. It is inevitable to be divided into one type, and the most widely circulated name chukka boots men is collectively referred to as this type of boots. Perhaps this type of boots was collectively referred to as “working boots, outdoor boots”, so today everyone thinks about “Martin boots” The understanding of “Martin boots” will not be so varied.

With the rapid growth of e-commerce, the spread of “Martin boots” as a category name has spread rapidly, and “Martin boots” has been completely generalized into a category of boots, and the appearance of shoes is also due to the many participants in this category. And more colorful.

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