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Learn The Ins And Outs Of The Iphone

TIP! Did you know that rice can be used to dry your iPhone if it gets wet? It is common to drop the phone in a water puddle, the toilet or something wet. After wiping down the phone, place it into a bag that has been rice filled.

Who doesn’t have an iphone these days? Though the iphone has become ubiquitous, it is hard for some to learn its many uses. This article will help you master the iPhone’s capabilities quickly. This article will give you some tips to be an expert with your iphone.

TIP! With the iPhone, you can make up your own dictionary and shortcuts. Your phone will automatically know what you’re going to type next.

Reduce the brightness of your iphone screen to conserve battery power. To change brightness levels, simply go to iphone settings. You will save your battery, which is especially helpful if you need a fully charged phone.

TIP! If you are looking for ways to make the best use of your iPhone, you should look into its many media viewing features. You can download television shows, movies, and other video clips, so that your iPhone can be an entertainment device wherever you go.

Another benefit of the iphone is the ability to navigate. Use your iPhone’s map to provide you with directions to get you where you need to go. Bookmark the map facility so that you can use it whenever needed.

TIP! If you have an iPhone, you have a spectacular camera. Make sure you take full advantage of it for great pictures.

You may spend a great deal of time reading email or browning Safari on your iphone, but you may not know how simple it is to hang onto an image from these locations. This is simple. Just touch the photo that you want to save, and press down for a couple of seconds. In a matter of moments, a small box pops up and allows you to select and save the image.

TIP! The calculator utility is a standard feature on the iPhone that provides you with a quick way to perform common math calculations. It is a standard calculator with the phone held vertically and a scientific calculator when it is rotated to horizontal.

Many people use the camera on the iphone. It can be difficult to scroll through all of the photos you have taken if they are not sorted. Use the iPhone’s built-in album feature to keep your photos organized and easy to find. This will really speed you up when you need to locate a particular picture.

TIP! Your iPhone’s Safari mobile browser will allow you to do just about everything that you would be able to do on a regular Internet browser. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it.

When you are typing a message or email and don’t want to use your phone’s suggestions, you don’t have to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. All you have to do is tap anywhere on the screen and the box will disappear.

TIP! Always keep your iPhone updated with the latest OS release. Apple iPhones are almost as complex as computers now, so there are occasional patches to fix bugs, security holes and functionality issues.

The default setting for your iphone is to show previews of incoming text messages on your lock screen. To you, this may either be handy or a hindrance. If it’s the latter, you should be happy to know that disabling this feature is something that can easily be done. Simply go to the settings menu area and click on notifications and then messages. The feature you want to disable is called Show Preview.

TIP! If you browse on your iPhone using Safari, you do not have to type “.com” in the URL.

Make sure the firmware is updated on your iphone. Each update increases the functionality of the iphone, and improves battery life. Connecting your phone with your computer is all you need to do to update your firmware. Or, you can connect your iphone to your computer through iCloud.

TIP! Make sure you are reserved when it comes to the number of apps you are installing. There is a huge number of different apps for your iPhone.

To conserve time while emailing or texting, develop AutoText helpful shortcuts for expressions you most frequently type on the iphone. This feature is a great help when it comes to lengthy email addresses and basic phrases such as “How are you” and “See you soon”. Locate the keyboard settings on your iphone to access this useful feature.

TIP! Have you ever been interrupted with an unimportant notice while you were busy using your iPhone. Before paying attention to the notification, you may feel like finishing what you were originally doing.

If you have the Safari browser in your iphone, you do not need to use the .com extension to access a site. Simply enter Amazon in the URL space to navigate directly to their website.

TIP! Save time typing with your iPhone. Go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, and simply add new shortcuts.

Many times suggested words can cause you to waste time when composing an email. You can tap anywhere on the iphone screen to get rid of the suggestions box. This will keep you from having to click on the little “x” every time you want to dismiss a word.

TIP! The iPhone provides a quick option for taking a screenshot in an instant. To do so, press down on both the power and home buttons at the same time.

You can be interrupted by notifications on your iphone while you are using another application on the phone. Many times, you want to complete what you started before checking on the notice. Notifications can be dealt with quickly. You can easily remove the notification by simply swiping it away when it pops up.

Sleep/wake Button

TIP! Your iPhone can be used for sending pictures to all your close acquaintances. There are two different ways you can achieve this.

Do not get panicked if your iphone freezes on you. You should first attempt to use the sleep/wake button to jog it into working again. However, should this fail, press the Home key with the sleep/wake button. This button combination will provide a hard reset prompt that should revive your phone.

TIP! One of the greatest benefits of the iPhone is the ability to use FaceTime. With FaceTime, you can see who you are talking to in real time.

Your iphone is a great platform for using Facebook. Many users are already aware of the Facebook application and are using it on their phones; however, if you have yet to employ this simple application, you can log in to Facebook from your phone today.

TIP! Don’t expose your iPhone to extreme temperatures. Your phone should be used in refrigerated areas.

You can take a screenshot when you want with your iphone. Press the home and power button at one time. Only hold them down for a small time period. Any longer and problematic effects might arise.

TIP! It can be tricky to scroll through sites on the small window on the browser of your iPhone. You might just discover that you are instead scrolling through the overall website instead of the smaller frame.

You can get to your favorites and controls instantly. Simply choose Settings, and then choose General, and finally pick the Home button. Any option that you want to customize can be modified if you tap on it twice and change the settings that appear. As long as you stick to these steps, this is pretty easy to do!

TIP! If you like finding out the weather, you can toggle between current conditions and six-day forecasts by swiping right and left. You can also land on the Weather app by simply tapping anyplace on the weather bar inside the Notifications screen.

At this point, you should feel more comfortable navigating the myriad functions and features of your iphone. Now, use what you have learned. Use everything you now know, and you will quickly gain mastery of this tremendously useful device.

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